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Our community organization in Arabi, LA, wants to help you reach your goals

Our Community Organization in Arabi, LA, Is Introducing the "Hand-Up" Program

The Hand-Up program offers working people assistance and guidance in achieving their personal and professional goals. The Hand-up program provides financial, educational, and instructional support to each participant.  Our community organization in Arabi, LA, will strive to instill independence and a self-sustaining, higher standard of living.  All applicants who qualify for financial assistance will sign a statement of reimbursement to Old Hickory Club.  Loans from Old Hickory Club are interest-free, and our terms of payback amounts and frequency will be decided on a case-by-case basis.             

Success Stories

Dylan Crawford

"I was directed to Old Hickory Club by a friend because I told him that I wasn't happy at my current job. After signing a pledge with Hand-Up stating that I would payback money borrowed, they assisted me with acquiring the necessary certifications for a great paying job with a well established company operating in South East La,  Abe's Boat Rental."

~ Dylan Crawford

"I'm grateful for the oppertunity that the Hand-Up Program has provided me. I would recommend Old Hickory Clubs services to anyone who needs a boost in reaching their goals."

Micheal Vickers

Micheal Vickers